Post Divorce Checklist

After divorce, it is important to implement the divorce decree and follow all decree terms.

The following are common post-divorce matters that should be addressed as appropriate:

Parenting Issues

  • Update contact information with schools, daycare, medical providers, and organizations
  • Arrange to pay child support and daycare with Division of Child Support or Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Create a journal to record children’s residential time, issues, activities and expenses

Transferring Ownership and Possession

  • Sign and record Quit Claim Deeds and Excise tax Declarations
  • Transfer motor vehicle, mobile home, or other property by signing off on title documents
  • Change names of stock and financial accounts
  • Pick up or deliver personal property

Update Bank/Financial Accounts

  • Open bank/financial accounts in one’s own name
  • Close joint accounts or remove names
  • Update names on home utility accounts and children’s educational 529 & GET accounts

Estate and Healthcare Planning

  • Arrange for COBRA or other healthcare insurance, auto insurance; life and homeowner insurance
  • Update estate planning including Last Will and Testament, Living Trusts,  and Powers of Attorney (healthcare and financial decisions)

Change Beneficiaries

  • For insurance policies including life and disability insurance
  • Retirement accounts including Pension, 401-K, IRA, Retirement accounts and Deferred Compensation plans.
  • Employment benefits