Our Fees

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In Las Vegas, a marriage license costs $60 and some ceremonies will only set you back about $99. Unfortunately, a divorce, legal separation, or family law related matter will cost more (King County’s filing fee alone ($290) costs more).

Our fees are not only competitive, but often less than firms and other attorneys. This results from several factors:

  • No Law Firm Minimum Billable Requirements – Unlike attorneys at firms, Mr. Weintraub does not have a set minimum number of billable hours required per day, month, or year to maintain employment.
  • Low Overhead – We keep our overhead low. We use virtual solutions and leverage technology when practical to avoid expensive leases, and pass those savings on to our clients.
  • Delegation of Tasks – Tasks that can be delegated are delegated to support staff who bill at lower rates.
  • Outcome Focused – We offer several less costly divorce options than traditional litigation to achieve the divorce outcome you want. We excel at aggressive and effective litigation, but use that option as necessary to advance our client’s interests, not ours.

Fee Arrangements

We offer the following fee arrangements:

  • Hourly – client is billed at an agreed rate per hour for legal services performed on a matter
  • Flat – the client pays for a discrete legal task. A flat fee is the total fee charged. A flat fee is charged for divorce advice, uncontested divorce, and limited representation within a case such as representation for a motion for temporary orders, etc.
  • Blended – this fee arrangement involves a combination of the above two. A blended fee is charged for mediation services based on the amount of time necessary to settle the case.

How Much Will it Cost

The time involved in a case can never be predicted with precision, since there may be variables that cannot be anticipated. But during our initial consultation, we will help you determine and anticipate the costs involved. We do this by getting to know you, the specifics of your case and the results you wish to achieve.

Legal fees depend on the complexity of your case, number of issues, and volatility of litigation. If you have significant assets, complicated property holdings, a business or serious disagreements with your spouse about important issues such as child custody, your divorce will cost more. If you are in general agreement on terms, have not been married for a long time, have no children and little property, your divorce will likely cost significantly less.

Retainer/Advanced Fee Deposit

Before we begin legal services for cases requiring representation, we require an initial retainer and a signed fee contract. The initial retainer depends on the case, and is quoted during your consultation with an attorney. We then bill our time against that retainer. If and when the retainer is close to being depleted, we may require an additional retainer if it appears the case has become more time consuming than initially anticipated. Where it is appropriate, we will seek to have the other party reimburse you for your attorney’s fees.

Can I Get My Spouse to Pay for the Divorce?

A court may order your spouse to pay your attorney fees if, based on financial resources, it determines you have a need for payment and your spouse has the ability to pay. If your spouse earns substantially more, has few debts, and you have limited financial resources, you are more likely to be successful.

Initial Consultation/What to Bring

A consultation is an overview of your case intended to provide divorce or divorce related advice. If time permits, it may also involve review of paperwork. A consultation may lead to additional legal services when appropriate or necessary.

A reduced consultation fee is charged for an initial half-hour or one hour consultation depending on your needs.

To help you prepare for your consultation, we’ve created a checklist of common documents we may need to see. To better prepare yourself for the initial consultation, view the Initial Consult Checklist.

If you wish to arrange an initial consultation, call us at +1 425 374 4045 or contact us online.