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bellevue child support attorneysThe custodial (primary) parent with majority time is entitled to child support from the non-custodial parent. A Bellevue Child Support Attorney can help fight for your rights.

Calculating Child Support

Child support is based on Washington Child Support Schedule which considers the ages of the child and the net monthly incomes of the parties. In Washington State, DSHS has a child support worksheet tool that can help you estimate child support obligations. This worksheet is available at Washington State Child Support Calculator .

Calculating monthly net income can become complicated. While gross monthly income includes income from any source (except public assistance) including salaries, overtime, deferred compensation, stock option proceeds and other capital gains, spousal support (maintenance), etc., deductions are limited. For example, monthly deductions for voluntary retirement contributions are limited to $5,000 annually, or $416.67 per month.

While calculating net income for W-2 earners may be relatively straightforward, determining net income for child support is more problematic if either party is self-employed with fluctuating and/or seasonal income, has non-recurring fluctuating income such as bonuses or commissions, or is not working at their maximum capacity given their skills, education, and work history and deemed voluntarily unemployed or underemployed.

The final numbers can dramatically impact child support.

Bo Weintraub, a graduate of the University of Washington School Of Law’s Graduate Program in Taxation graduate program, is a child support attorney who is uniquely qualified to review and accurately evaluate tax return, and other complex financial documents to assure a fair calculation.

Post-Majority (Post-Secondary) support

Under Washington State family law, child support orders can extend beyond the age of majority to pay for a dependent child’s college or vocational education expenses or for a special needs child. Unlike child support for a minor, it is not mandatory, nor is it based on a formula. It must be requested while the children are still minors.

The court considers factors including the parents’ level of education, standard of living, and current and future resource, expectations for their children when together; the child’s prospects, desires, and abilities, and the nature of the postsecondary education sought.

We have extensive experience drafting child support and post-secondary support agreements that mirror the importance you place on your children’s college education and have successfully handled hundreds of child support, child support adjustment, child support modification and child support collection.

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