Our Family Law Practice Areas

Weintraub Law Office, PLLC is a family law firm with 18 years of experience in all relevant divorce and family law related practice areas. We have a proven record of success in achieving successful outcomes for our clients as described below (Representative Matters). We do so while making every effort to make our legal services affordable.

Family Law Practice Areas – An Overview

Our experience includes handling all legal issues related to marriage and divorce including:

  • Child Custody, including amicable cases with co-parenting (50/50) child custody plan orders, high-conflict cases involving domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse and neglect, and parent relocation.
  • Child Support and relevant deviation, imputation, and business ownership issues
  • Complex Divorce including those involving high net-worth individuals and executive level employees with compensation packages that include bonuses, commissions, employee stock ownership plans, stock options, and/or deferred compensation;
  • Litigation and Trial for non-amicable cases requiring resolution through the court system;
  • Modifications of child support, spousal support, and parenting plans
  • Property Division from simple allocations of property and debts based on current ownership and possession to complex ones requiring Qualified Domestic Relation Orders (“QDRO’s), future sales of real property, appraisal issues, and agreements to exercise stock awarded to the non-employed party;
  • Protection Orders including domestic violence protection orders, restraining orders, and anti-harassment orders;

Representative Matters:

  • Divorce involving property division and maintenance disputes in 18 year marriage

    Practice Area: Divorce / Separation
    Date: Oct 17, 2012
    Outcome: Client obtained settlement dividing property 51/49 and paying 25% of his net income for 3 years.
    Description: Opposing party (wife) earned ½ of client (husband’s) gross income and requested 60% of the property division and 50% of client husband’s net income for 6 years.

  • Criminal and family law protection order ordering no contact with children

    Practice Area: Divorce / Separation
    Date: Sep 30, 2012
    Outcome: Criminal and Family Law protection orders dropped and opposing party ordered to return children to mother’s primary case.
    Description: Opposing party (husband) obtained temporary no contact criminal and family law protection orders against client wife based on allegations of domestic violence and drug use.

  • Divorce involving contested custody dispute

    Practice Area: Divorce / Separation
    Date: Oct 22, 2011
    Outcome: Client (husband) designated primary parent.
    Description: Opposing party (wife) obtained initial no contact orders based on false allegations of verbal and physical abuse.

  • Divorce involving contested custody dispute

    Practice Area: Family
    Date: Apr 13, 2004
    Outcome: Client designated primary parent.
    Description: Client (husband) requested to be primary parent and opposing party was stay at home mother.

  • Permanent child support modification requested

    Practice Area: Divorce / Separation
    Date: May 24, 1912
    Outcome: Child Support Modification denied.
    Description: Opposing party (wife) requested permanent child support based on child’s special needs.