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Going through a divorce isn’t something anyone wishes when they get married. But sometimes a marriage fails and there is no further option. Divorce is one of the most challenging things a person will face, especially when children are involved. Multiple issues must be addressed, like the fair division of assets, spousal support, child support and child custody.  If you are getting a divorce in Seattle, we can help you.

Weintraub Law Office, PLLC is a top-ranked Seattle Divorce and family law firm built on communication, trust, and one-on-one personalized service. We are dedicated to securing your future. We use our family law expertise to find ways to work together for you and your children — even when cooperating seems impossible.

As a leading family law attorney in Seattle, our goal is to help you build a better life. Our best divorce attorneys in Seattle bring a great perspective to your case and can provide you with appropriate advice regarding whether divorce is best for you.

What do our expert Seattle divorce lawyers believe?

  • Complex cases require a more sophisticated approach.
  • Creativity can help achieve favorable outcomes even for the most complicated of divorces.
  • Efficient and compassionate family law negotiations produce better results.
  • Healthy family restructuring begins with maintaining relationships whenever possible.

Family Matters: We can help you

The Weintraub Law Office, PLLC is a top AVVO rated family law firm with a dedicated team of Seattle divorce attorneys and lawyers with extensive experience and knowledge in the following areas:

  • legal separation,
  • child custody,
  • parenting and visitation,
  • annulments,
  • alimony (spousal maintenance),
  • child support,
  • property division,
  • legal separation,
  • pre-marital (pre-nuptial),
  • Post-marital and cohabitation agreements.

About Divorce Mediation Seattle:

You and your partner both want an amicable divorce and want to avoid the expense of hiring two separate divorce attorneys; divorce mediation in Seattle may be the best option for you. Yes, our integrated family law mediator or lawyers can assist you with the entire process.

No divorce case or family law case is the same. We know the best ways to approach the case at every stage. By supporting you to define your objectives, we can assist you in moving forward from a position of strength while defending your interests. Call +1 425 374 4045 to schedule an initial consultation with the best divorce lawyers in Seattle and discuss your case today.

Areas We Professionally Serve:

As a leading divorce lawyer in Seattle, we professionally offer the best divorce meditation and family law solutions in other areas as well. Our office is easily accessible from Seattle neighborhoods including Queen Anne, Magnolia, Capitol Hill, Greenlake, Shoreline, Madison Park, Fremont, Ballard, and West SeattleNo matter where you are, our certified Seattle divorce attorneys and lawyers always represent out-of-state and international clients.

Schedule a Consultation with AVVO Rated Seattle Divorce and Family Attorneys:

As leaders in the field, we provide concrete answers and a clear view of your options. Our collaborative process can save you thousands and help you move on peacefully. So, what are you waiting for? Consult with our family lawyer today. Our experts will be happy to assist you!


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