Child Custody Software Simplifies Washington Visitation Issues

In a digital age, child custody software can simplify visitation for divorced parents. While the court sets down the parameters of when each parent has the child, plans may sometimes change. Perhaps a parent has to work late, or a child has an unexpected practice scheduled during the time when one spouse expects to have the children. Using software, divorced parents can notify the other in time for them to modify their plans.

Often, undertaking communication online can be less stressful and emotional than having to make a call to a former spouse, who may still be angry about the changes the divorce has made in his or her life. The software, which can make notifications by text, email, or via our website, is also useful for attorneys, mediators and judges, in addition to parents and kids.

How Child Custody Software Assists Parents and Professionals

Child custody software allows parents to handle scheduling, parenting discussions, and even some child-related expenses online, rather than having to call the lawyer every time it is necessary to make a change in visitation time. Especially when the pain of divorce is fresh and new, having a conversation with the other parent can be difficult, and the best interest of the child can be sacrificed to emotion. Since messages are sent however it is convenient, via phone or computer, the other parent can never claim that he or she did not receive the call.

CustodyX, a popular software used for scheduling, has both a professional version and one for parents. The professional version allows attorneys, judges, social workers, and media professionals to manage multiple clients, so that they can monitor changes and verify that each partner is still receiving the proper percentage of time with the child. The professional can set the visitation schedule for his clients or the parents can do so. Available in 6 month, 12 month, or lifetime Pro Lite and Pro Fill editions, the software offers a way to both negotiate and follow schedules. It also allows tracking of expenses and many other customizable aspects of custody, which can be useful for taxes and child support purposes

Three parental versions, Lite, Personal, and Deluxe also provide various levels of functions.

  • Lite edition ($67) sets up a basic calendar and calculations
  • Personal edition ($147) adds a parenting plan
  • Deluxe edition ($297) adds journal and expense tracking and actual time calculations

There is a free test version available for download.

How Software Aids Scheduling

The software can be useful in many common circumstances. Either the parent or child can input schedule changes. If the child has to play a makeup baseball game on Saturday when you, as the dad, was supposed to take Billy camping, you don’t have to wonder if your ex-wife is playing games on you and trying to take your time. You can suggest another time without an emotional conversation -and maybe come to the game.

For tips about using child custody software, and any other child custody issues, consult with your attorney at Weintraub Law Group for a free consultation.