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Weintraub Law Office, PLLC is a top AVVO rated family law firm, and lead counsel/owner Boaz Weintraub has been recognized by The National Advocates as one of the top 1% of family law attorneys in Washington State.

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Our Legal Services

Handling all of your divorce and family law matters

Before Divorce

Considering Divorce? Get educated first.

Washington Divorce Process

The Divorce Process-a Step-by-Step guide

After Divorce

Handling Post-Divorce Legal Matters
Family Law Practice Areas
Weintraub Law Office, PLLC has in-depth experience in the divorce and family law practice area.
Divorce mediation is a way to resolve divorce or family law related disputes that gives you and your spouse control over the outcome.
Estate Planning
You should prepare or change your estate planning when there is a life-changing event such as a divorce.

Seattle and Bellevue Divorce and Family Law Lawyers


We are experienced, top-ranked Seattle Divorce Lawyers based in Bellevue who defend the legal rights of persons with divorce and related family law actions. We offer a no-nonsense, solution-focused and results driven approach obtain the best possible case result for you at reasonable cost.

Exclusively Focused on Washington State Divorce and Family Law

The Weintraub Law Office focuses exclusively on Seattle divorce and family law cases.

Boaz “Bo” Weintraub, managing attorney and lead Bellevue divorce lawyer, has over 18 years of experience in the areas of family law, tax, and estate planning, and has successfully handled hundreds of family law and divorce hearings, mediations, arbitrations, and trials. As an experienced, top-ranked and nationally recognized attorney, he will provide the quality divorce advise, most effective legal strategy, and assertive, no-nonsense representation that can significantly improve the outcome of your case.

Our Family Law Practice Areas

We handle all family law matters, including divorce, legal separation, child custody, parenting and visitation, annulments, alimony (spousal maintenance), child support, property division, legal separation, child move-aways (parental relocation), and pre-marital, post-marital and cohabitation agreements.

Your Case and Financial Well-Being Matter To Us

We do everything possible to reduce the stress and anxiety of our Seattle divorce and family law clients and potential clients by, among other things, promptly responding to calls and emails of an urgent nature. If you are stressed from a divorce, custody, spousal or child support, or domestic violence matter, and want to talk promptly talk to an experienced Seattle Divorce and Family Law lawyer and get divorce law advice, we will usually return calls and emails within a few hours. We can usually schedule consults within several days, by telephone if more convenient for our clients, and sometimes as soon as the same or following day.

So how much will a divorce cost?  If it is a contested divorce or family law case, i.e., one in which agreement is not reached in advance, the total fee cannot be determined in advance since the other party controls 50% of the case process and how hard-fought matters like child support, parenting, spousal maintenance, and property division will be. Fees are directly related to time consumed in court and outside of court handling an uncooperative, unreasonable spouse, and hiring third party expert witnesses to resolve financial and parenting matters.

On the other hand, an uncontested divorce, or amicable divorce where spouses have few disagreements quickly resolved through negotiations or the mediation process, will require less time and incur less fees.

“No Sticker Shock” Policy.  At Weintraub Law Office, we do what we can to keep your legal fees reasonable and affordable.  While we will aggressively defend your legal rights, we also avoid unnecessary litigation and frequently use alternate, more affordable means of obtaining settlement through mediation and arbitration. We also provide fee estimates every step of the way, and offer flat fee rates for uncontested cases and divorce and family law mediation services for spouses looking to resolve their case with or without formal legal representation.

When we help you resolve your case, you can be assured your financial well-being is in place, not left in substantial debt due to excessive, unnecessary divorce legal fees.

Uniquely Qualified to Handle Your Complex Contested Divorce

Some family law cases require special expertise. In addition to his 18 years of attorney experience, Boaz Weintraub has a Masters in Taxation from the University of Washington,  a King County Guardian Ad Litem, and an experienced, trained mediator.

Seattle divorce cases always involve property settlements and frequently include spousal support and child support. Mr. Weintraub’s experience as a tax law practitioner help insure that the economic consequences of any financial settlement or tax resolution and will be beneficial to you and your family.

If your net-worth is 1 million dollars or more, it is particularly important to hire a divorce lawyer who understands the difficult income and property issues involving stock options, stock grants, deferred compensation, restricted stock units, multiple business entities, business ventures, and complex estate planning arrangements. Given his education, experience, and prior work history in complex estate planning, Boaz Weintraub is uniquely qualified to handle those cases and knowledgeably interact with and understand third party experts including CPA’s and business evaluators hired during the course of such cases.

Call Weintraub Law Office at (425) 374-4045 or contact us to request more information about our services and fees, and to schedule a consultation.

What our clients say

Mr. Weintraub was extremely helpful as mediator. I was looking for someone to work out some disagreements in my divorce and to settle quickly without needing attorneys. This could have escalated but he handled the differences quickly and efficiently. I am thankful I found him and highly recommend him.  J.C


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