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Weintraub Law Office, PLLC is a top AVVO rated family law firm, and lead counsel/owner Boaz Weintraub has been recognized by The National Advocates as one of the top 1% of family law attorneys in Washington State.

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Handling all of your divorce and family law matters

Before Divorce

Considering Divorce? Get educated first.

Washington Divorce Process

The Divorce Process-a Step-by-Step guide

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Handling Post-Divorce Legal Matters

Family Law Practice Areas
Weintraub Law Office, PLLC has in-depth experience in the divorce and family law practice area.
Divorce mediation is a way to resolve divorce or family law related disputes that gives you and your spouse control over the outcome.
Estate Planning
You should prepare or change your estate planning when there is a life-changing event such as a divorce.

Seattle Divorce Lawyers Helping People with Family Law Problems

Boaz “Bo” Weintraub, managing attorney, provides expertise and services in the areas of family law and estate planning. As your family law attorney, he will guide you through the legal process with clear explanations, reassurance, and confidence. Whether you want help with a simple uncontested divorce, or need to resolve a complex, highly contested case through negotiation, mediation, collaborative law, or in the court system, he will earn your trust and represent you diligently and effectively.

Focus on family law cases

The Weintraub Law Office focuses exclusively on family law cases, principally those involving dissolution and related child custody, parenting, maintenance (alimony) issues. Our child custody cases include psychological issues, religious disputes, physical and sexual abuse cases, drug and alcohol issues, third party custody (grandparent custody), and interstate custody.

More than just legal matters to us

In addition to his 18 years of attorney experience, Mr. Weintraub also has a Masters in Taxation from the University of Washington. Dissolution cases always involve property settlements, allocation of assets and debts, and frequently include maintenance and child support related issues. Mr. Weintraub’s experience as a tax law practitioner help insure that the economic consequences of any financial settlement or tax resolution and will be beneficial to you and your family. Divorce and family law matters are more than legal matters to us.

Caring and down to earth

We understand the particularly sensitive and volatile nature of family law practice. We use a caring and down to earth approach that is greatly appreciated by clients experiencing the emotional upheaval of divorce, separation and family transitions.

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I hired his services and he treated me with respect, was very helpful and knowledgeable.He was very fair and quick to meet the demands of my case. Thank you Boaz for all your help.   Juan Barron

Juan Barron

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